Wedding Ink and Thoughts on Finding Meaning

TatooI just loved this bridesmaid’s tattoo and had to snap a shot.  What I loved most is that she not only didn’t try to hide it, she wore her dress & hair in a way that showed it off.  In contrast to the days when my mom got married (the newspaper announcement described the lace on her dress), today we have a lot more choices about what we want our weddings to be like.

Couples often say to me, “We don’t know how this is supposed to be done…” and I appreciate that we all have the urge to do things “right.”  However, I find it more helpful to focus on how to do things meaningfully.

Want both your parents to walk you down the aisle?  Go for it!  Want to walk down all by yourself?  Do it!  Want your friends and family to stand in a circle around you? It will be gorgeous.  Sometimes we can get caught up in these little details and what other people will think—but I find couples are happiest when they make the choices that are comfortable and meaningful to them.  Liz & Ryan17

Because nothing makes people happy like having their true selves shine!