Unique Wedding Ceremony Ritual

I tell my couples:  if you have an idea, we can work together to come up with something totally unique.  We often think of ritual as something that’s been done before, but ritual is more about connecting symbol and metaphor and meaning in our lives.  Ceremony is a way of telling a story about ourselves using symbol.

Here’s an example:  After exchanging vows & rings, this couple created a lasting memento of the day & of their love.


A&S are very fortunate to have a friend who has created an amazing gift for them.  It’s a brand with their initials intertwined together.  It’s been heating in the coals beside us and in a moment, A&S will be pressing the brand to a piece a of wood, to burn their initials into it.

This brand is a reminder of the commitment that they have made to one another.  The forging of this brand wasn’t a simple process; it took time and skill to create.  At some point, it was soft and malleable and shaped into their initials, but now having been cooled, it is strong and enduring.  It is solid and powerful.  It can take the heat.  And in the same way, A&S recognize that love isn’t simple; it takes skill and time to create, but once forged, it is strong and unshakeable.

A&S, you may now create your brand together.