Custom Topper that Takes the Cake!

Create your own bobbleheads!

Create your own bobbleheads!

Looking for a unique, but humorous touch?  One couple I married had customized bobblehead dolls made to adorn their cake table.  Makes you feel famous—and not take yourself to seriously at the same time!

Considering this couple could barely get through their vows without laughing with joy, this was a perfect touch to express their fun, quirky style.

Personalizing a ceremony isn’t just about style but is also about finding ways to bring your friends and family more deeply into the wedding experience.  For example, this same couple started by having each guest write them a note for their wine-box ceremony—which is a lovely wedding ritual.  Usually the couple each write a letter to put in the box along with a bottle of wine—all to be opened on their 5th wedding anniversary.  However, by including notes from all their guests, this couple made it clear to their family and friends how important they are.

They also rented a photobooth to keep their guests smiling through the night. Little touches such as these keep guests involved from start to finish.

Wine Box Ceremony for Wedding Ritual

Wine Box for Ceremony

If you are looking for more unique ceremony ideas, check out my collection of resources on my PINTEREST PAGE.  And please, if you find great ideas, suggest them to me!  Get in touch today!