Sounds good to me!

One of the most important people a wedding officiant works with is the DJ.  The DJ makes sure that all the transitions go smoothly —moving from pre-ceremony mood music to a crisp ceremony start, fading out the music at just the right moment, bringing it up as the bride & groom sail down the aisle.  And most importantly to me as the officiant:  the DJ controls the mic.

Are you looking for a great Austin DJ for your wedding?

In this busy wedding season, I’ve been fortunate to work with three truly professional DJs:  Daniel of D&C EntertainmentAnthony of Greenbelt DJ Productions, and Bradley of Live Oaks DJ.  Each was completely professional & on top of their game.

After I check in with the bride & groom, the very next person I see is the DJ.  And I can tell a lot by that first interaction:  do they have the proper equipment?  do they know the order of the program?  do they double-check the equipment for power & volume?

Each of these DJ’s had easy to clip on mics at the ready.  They helped me conceal the mic (long hair is great!), and test it in the space where I would actually be doing the ceremony.  They let me practice till I was comfortable & adjusted the mic for the space and my voice.  They offered helpful feedback & encouragement.

With all the cold, wet weather we’ve been having, Anthony Daniel had the added pressure of having to DJ inside huge tents with outdoor heaters buzzing away.  I’d never spoken inside a tent before & they both helped me practice till we got it right.  Bradley didn’t have to contend with a tent, but with the echoing walls of Mercury Hall—he quickly made adjustments needed to make the sound perfect.

These gentlemen were also friendly and generous with their time and feedback.  Daniel checked and double-checked my mic for battery power, Bradley helped me coordinate pre-ceremony announcements, and Anthony actually watched my purse for me during the ceremony!!  I would happily recommended each of these gentle to help you with your wedding ceremony.  Click on their name anywhere in this post to go to their webpages & see if one of them is available for your wedding—you’ll be in good hands.

They certainly made my job as a wedding officiant much, much easier!