“As soon as we met you, we knew our wedding day was going to be special for ourselves and everyone in it.”

Kat Bevel Photography

Kat Bevel Photography

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day! David and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you led this past weekend. We got SO many compliments on the ceremony. Everyone felt the love! You were absolutely amazing to work with. The whole process of creating our ceremony is a time David and I will never forget. It helped us feel more connected to each other. We really wanted our loved ones to understand that connection and it came through this past Saturday. Thanks for being so supportive, kind, and flexible throughout this process. We remember feeling so lost at the start of our wedding planning but as soon as we met you we knew our wedding day was going to be special for ourselves and everyone in it. Words can’t describe how fortunate and grateful we are to have worked with you throughout our engagement and special day. Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!  —David & Vicky, June 2016

It’s impossible not to see the whole thing in a completely new way after working with her.

Katrina was one of our favorite parts of the whole wedding and wedding-planning process. First of all, she’s just the coolest person! We clicked with her immediately and just felt like such kindred spirits. Secondly, she is so excited and passionate about wedding ceremonies. It’s impossible not to see the whole thing in a completely new way after working with her. She made us realize the importance of a wedding ceremony and how special it can truly be. Her stories about her own relationship and her philosophy on marriage is inspiring, and helped us approach our ceremony with a new view point. She is very spiritual but not pushy on religion, which was perfect for us. She’s also a modern woman and had great suggestions for combining old with new. Katrina is very organized in how she walks you through the ceremony-writing process. We opted to co-write the ceremony with her, which she encouraged, and it turned out to be a life-changing experience. We now have a completely personalized wedding ceremony that we will treasure forever. At the end of our wedding, so many friends and family members came up to us and said it was the best wedding they had ever attended and so many complimented us on our ceremony and vows. We communicated a lot with Katrina throughout the months leading up to our wedding. I will miss working with her, and can’t wait for other couples to experience Spoken Heart Ceremonies!  Allison & Alex, October 2016

Olivia Vale, Photographer

Olivia Vale, Photographer


“Katrina had worked so diligently to find what was meaningful to us, what marriage really meant to us, and she was able to translate into the perfect words what was in our hearts…”

“While working with Katrina was a joy from beginning to end, I never fully appreciated the gift of a truly customized ceremony until I was standing at the altar. Sometimes the ceremony gets lost in the madness of the big day, when in fact, it’s the most important thing. I’ve heard so many people say ‘I know I got married, but I don’t really remember the moment.’ I’m happy to report that I’m not one of them. I remember everything about it because we helped create it. Katrina had worked so diligently to find what was meaningful to us, what marriage really meant to us, and she was able to translate into the perfect words what was in our hearts. It wasn’t a ceremony that could be about anyone else–it was ours alone. And everyone seemed to pick up on that. It’s rare that your guests comment as much about your officiant as they do about the food, but there it is. Nearly every single person present gushed about the ceremony and how perfect it was–how they felt they were part of something truly unique and special. And they were–thanks to Katrina! Not only was the day-of perfect, but the process of getting there was invaluable as well. My husband and I gained a deeper understanding of our relationship and each other through our sessions with Katrina–something of a surprise since we’ve been together for years. She is a rare find–both a detail-oriented professional and a gifted, creative spirit with a remarkably calming presence. Simply put, Katrina is amazing, and she made our wedding amazing, too!”    —Stefanie & Levi

…she really knows how to cater to a diverse audience…I will treasure her words forever

Jenna & Brad1“My now-husband and I were anxious about our ceremony.  Really, really anxious. We are decidedly not religious and quite liberal but both come from Southern-rooted, conservative Christian families. We found Katrina online and were immediately drawn to her lifestyle and philosophy. When we met her, we instantly knew that she would be perfect. We expressed our anxieties about hosting a ceremony and wanting all people to feel welcome, and she knew exactly how to bridge the gap between our families’ faith systems and ours. When I talked to some very good friends after the wedding, one of them expressed how much she loved our ceremony because she understood it as free from religion and religious-based ideals. Her fiance, a more religious person, however, said that he felt like religion was not absent. I don’t know how Katrina did it, but this shows that she really knows how to cater to a diverse audience – and everyone can take something different away. I would recommend Katrina to anyone wanting a non-traditional ceremony filled with love, joy, and total harmony. Ours was so beautiful and so personal…I will treasure her words forever.  —Jenna

me hugging brideEveryone mentioned how beautiful and funny the ceremony was…

“Katrina Baecht did such great job performing our ceremony, I could not have been happier! I would highly recommend her to any couple looking for a beautiful, custom, stress-free ceremony. I would give her more stars if I could. We just got married in March 2014 and everyone mentioned how beautiful and funny the ceremony was. This was all because Katrina took the time to meet with us, get to know us, and even let us get to know her. Based on our meeting and some follow up questions she composed a beautiful custom ceremony that included our story, what qualities and vows are important in our commitment to each other, and our own personal brand of humor. She even allowed for a touching moment from my father that seemed to have brought the entire place to tears. Believe me – you will be happy you chose Katrina to officiate your wedding!” —Drew

If you need someone helpful, professional , caring and amazing she is the person to contact .

Austin Wedding Officiant“Katrina was absolutely amazing !!!! I contacted Katrina two weeks before my wedding in a panic needed help ASAP and she took on my ceremony and did a fantastic job !! She made our day special and about our life and future ! If you need someone helpful , professional , caring and amazing she is the person to contact . One addition thing that she did was made me realize the day if my wedding with all the stress , sleep deprivation and running like crazy just to take a deep breathe and remember this day was about David and I exchanging our love and feelings to each other before family friends and God ! She made our day amazing!”  —Mary

Katrina worked diligently with us to draft a custom ceremony with just the right tone, and she communicated with both my husband and I separately so that we could keep some elements a surprise from each other. What more can I say? HIRE HER!  

“When Katrina mentioned to me that she wanted to start officiating weddings, my immediate response (despite not officially being engaged yet) was “You’re hired!” I felt confident that Katrina would craft a beautiful and thoughtful ceremony that represented the beliefs and values that my husband and I share, and boy, did she deliver!

A month before the big day, she sent us an incredible package of resources that included a wide variety of readings, blessings, sample ceremonies, wedding rituals etc. Also included was a questionnaire that included many thoughtful detail questions that I never would have considered, such as: how do you deal with the bouquet during the ceremony? The best part of this questionnaire, was that not only did she know to ask all these obscure questions, but she also provided a variety of great answers to select, so that I could make a quick decision rather than using my frazzled bride brain to come up with my own.Mia & Jason52

Katrina worked diligently with us to draft a custom ceremony with just the right tone, and she communicated with both my husband and I separately so that we could keep some elements a surprise from each other. She arrived at the venue early, got everything organized and then kept me company so that I wouldn’t get nervous. She even took some great photos!

The ceremony itself went very smoothly, she projects well, and speaks in a warm, conversational tone with just the right amount of solemnity to make you feel like something important is happening, but enough levity to keep things moving and to keep us smiling. After the ceremony, many of our guests approached us specifically to tell us how much they loved it.

Overall, I couldn’t have imagined someone doing a better job. I knew it would be awesome, but she even managed to exceed our expectations. What more can I say? HIRE HER! Based on our experience, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be the best decision you make when planning your wedding.”  —Mia

Thank you for enabling us to put together a meaningful and personal ceremony and for making our surprise wedding such a success.  

“Katrina you are amazing! Thank you for enabling us to put together a meaningful and personal ceremony and for making our surprise wedding such a success.  We had a very unique ceremony and we are very pleased with the impact it had. Our family can’t stop talking about “the lovely lady who we just asked to take a family picture but she ended up marrying us instead”. And because we forgot to make a video we will be telling the story over and over again for many years to come. If your ears are burning, it’s us again. Sorry!  Katrina is professional, highly organized and a good listener; when we first inquired with Katrina, we had a vague idea of what we wanted to do but didn’t know how to put it together. Our plan was to surprise our family with a wedding on a family weekend away. By asking us the right questions, Katrina helped us realize how we could pull this off. Living abroad, we were able to plan the whole ceremony over Skype and email. Katrina always replied within a matter of hours and made time for us to talk things through. We highly recommend Katrina Baecht and Spoken Heart Ceremonies.” —Chris & Mariana, London, England

We could go on and on about how amazing Katrina was and what a vital part she played in our special day!

We could go on and on about how amazing Katrina was and what a vital part she played in our special day! Wedding planning can be so stressful but it was important for us to have a personalized ceremony, something that would have more meaning for us. Katrina made the entire process so easy- she simplified the process ( it was like ordering from a menu) and then created the most beautiful ceremony for us. All of our guests at the wedding commented on how much they enjoyed the entire ceremony and how they usually don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff at weddings! Thank you Katrina!!  –Ryan & Natalie

We had laughs and tears throughout the ceremony!

I contacted Katrina six months prior to our ceremony. She was able to accommodate me being out-of-town by setting up an initial Skype meeting. She was extremely helpful and provided me with plenty of examples and guides on the ceremony creation. We met one more time a few weeks before the event to go over the ceremony again and she was able to take my ramblings about our relationship, and turn it into a beautiful sweet story! On the day of the ceremony, Katrina was super early! We were able to begin early and her delivery was amazing! We had laughs and tears throughout the ceremony! She was even ready with the tissues as I broke into tears mid-vows! I highly recommend K151114_5496atrina for everything you want in your ceremony officiant!  –Diane & Jonathon

…she is a creative medium and guided us through the process of crafting our ceremony…

Katrina from Spoken Heart Ceremonies officiated our wedding at the Sanctuary in November. I immediately knew Katrina was the right fit, she is a creative medium and guided us through the process of crafting our ceremony. Katrina met with us in person several times and walked us through ou151114_5581r ceremony from start to finish. She provided a robust framework within which we were able to create our own meaningful ritual. We provided our own stories, vows, and readings to truly make the ceremony unique. Katrina also has a lovely voice that carried to all the guests sans microphone at our wooded outdoor wedding. Our guests complimented us on a such beautiful and intimate ceremony. Katrina carefully extracted our intention and desired mood and incorporated them throughout. Our ceremony wasn’t a trial to be endured, it ended up being one of my favorite experiences of the wedding and wedding planning process because it was true and authentic. She is wonderful! I can’t recommend her enough.  -Wilhemina & img_1638_blog


During the ceremony she made us feel so relaxed and made our guests feel included.

“There are quite a few decisions a couple has to make when they decide to marry. We can honestly say, one of our best wedding decisions, was having Katrina Baecht as our officiant. We knew it from the moment we met this warm, genuine, professional woman. As two people not interested in a traditional ceremony, Katrina listened, got to know us, made great suggestions, and put together a truly unique ceremony just for us. During the ceremony she made us feel so relaxed and made our guests feel included. She took charge and was so organized that the only thing we had to do was take in our special moment. We wanted a fun, relaxed, personal ceremony and Katrina gave us just that. Thank you Katrina! We loved having you as part of our day! Cheers!”– Dan and Holly Maxwell

Spoken Heart Couple!

Spoken Heart Couple!

“Katrina was the best! She was a referral from another Officiant, and I’m actually really happy that the other person couldn’t do it b/c we liked Katrina so much! From the beginning she made it easy and very enjoyable to talk about and plan our ceremony with her. She’s considerate as well as thorough. Before the actual ceremony she made us feel very comfortable and at ease. When I got lost in the moment during the actual ceremony, she made the sentences/vows in shorter phrases so I could say them! Embarrassing, but everyone told me how “adorable” and memorable our ceremony was. “That was so cute! It was so y’all!” It’s probably the only thing I fully remember about our wedding b/c it went by so quickly!  Having someone like Katrina who seemed to really try and “get” us w/in the writing was so lovely and I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Maybe I’d rehearse myself a little and not stutter! But Katrina was perfect. She’s friendly and organized and a very sincere person. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a personable, memorable and heartfelt ceremony.   The only thing I’d probably consider doing differently is having her at the rehearsal, or communicating better on our part about how my dad was going to hand me off to my future husband. That’s the only thing I’d do differently though!”  –Lesley & Tyler

“Katrina does an amazing job. She is very personable and we had a connection the first time we met. She walked us step by step through the process of planning our ceremony and gave us many ideas and examples to choose from. She was always available to help. Katrina was always professional and she has a soothing voice. The ceremony was perfect! Our friends and family could not stop talking about how the ceremony reflected our relationship.” –Jeff

“Katrina was just wonderful throughout. She responded straight away when we first contacted her, and was able to show us drafts of different ceremonies she had done in the past. Prior to the ceremony, we sat down with her just to chat about things we like, things we might not like, bits and details about our relationship. She also sent us a few questions to fill out separately about how we felt about each other. Then she drafted a very personal ceremony for us, working in bits from what we had told her and how we had answered our questions. It was beautiful! She was also extremely patient and helpful, as there were many things we didn’t know we should be thinking about, or things we changed the day before, and she just rolled with it and made it all work out wonderfully. If you’re looking for somebody who can do a personal and heartwarming ceremony, but is also relaxed and flexible, I would definitely recommend Katrina!”  —Sarah & Sam   (on

Spoken Heart Love!“Katrina was the 1st officiant I called, and from our 1st conversation until we said I do, I couldn’t have been happier with Spoken Heart Ceremonies. I called Katrina 3 weeks prior to our wedding day and she worked with me from the start to fit our ceremony into her schedule and make it an absolute perfect reflection of our love story. Katrina was easy to work with, professional, and I could tell that she genuinely cared about every little detail and making our wedding ceremony perfect for us. Even though I met Katrina for the first time on our wedding day, she felt like one of our guests. Our families raved about her too! I would recommend Spoken Heart Ceremonies to anyone!”—Heather   (on

“What a pleasure it was to have Katrina as our Officiant at our wedding. With only two weeks notice Katrina altered her personal plans the night before Thanksgiving to accommodate our ceremony and under a tight timeframe calmly and efficiently guided us through every step on the run up to the day. Katrina is not just the ultimate professional, she is much more than that, she is highly organized, personable, sweet natured and fun, this is important when one is feeling a little overwhelmed whilst pulling an important event together. Katrina was genuinely interested in getting to know us as individuals and worked with us to create a bespoke ceremony to suit our personalities and preferences, this ultimately led to us feeling totally relaxed throughout our ceremony. Thank you Katrina, I am lucky to have found you!” —Salina (on

“Katrina was warm, welcoming to our ideas, and an absolute joy as the officiant for our wedding at Beuscher State Park near Smithville. She spent time communicating with us about what our expectations for our ceremony would be, and was also very helpful with the design and content of our ceremony. Katrina reached out for personal information about our relationship, and was genuine about her interest in our lives together during the ceremony. She was very accommodating with our schedule, and was willing to travel from Austin to perform our ceremony. I felt that everything was perfect, and the way that we had imagined our special day would be. Katrina was also prompt and accurate with all of the licensing, and it was a surprise to receive our wedding certificate so soon. Thank you for the beautiful day!!!!” —Bradford (on

“Katrina is amazing! She truly saved the day for us, and helped to make our wedding very special and personal. When our original officiant canceled on us a week before the wedding, I was scrambling to find someone who would give us the wedding we wanted. Katrina responded within a matter of hours. After we spoke, I was immediately put at ease. Over the course of a few days, despite her own busy schedule, Katrina helped us to craft a ceremony that reflected our views and our story as a couple. She knew every little aspect to cover—things I certainly had not considered.  The day of the wedding, she was prompt and professional. Since we lived outside of the area and had not had an opportunity to meet before the wedding, Katrina met us at our bed & breakfast beforehand to review how the ceremony would go, settle any remaining details, and answer any questions we had. Her organization and knowledge made me feel comfortable and confident. She did not dictate how we should do things, but rather guided us and asked us how we wanted things done.  Katrina is a very considerate and caring person, and she is excellent at what she does. I would be happy to have her officiate any ceremony for us again in the future. I highly recommend Spoken Heart Ceremonies and Katrina Baecht!”—Jocelyn (review on

“Katrina was a pleasure to work with. The wedding itself was family only, but we did want to include our friends in the special occasion, so we had the ring ceremony during the wedding reception in the evening. Katrina did a great job setting that up as well and the reader for the ring ceremony had no problem at all conducting it!” –Francoise  (on

“Katrina was awesome! She was always in contact with us via email and was quick to respond. A few days before our ceremony she met up with us to go over specifics of the day. She was very friendly and also created a memorable ceremony that was tailored for us. We’re so happy that Katrina was a part of our special day!”—Corina   (on

“OMG Katrina was absolutely amazing!!! We booked her with not much time to spare until our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made for the entire wedding. We are both very busy people so we NEVER met with her. We did all of our ceremony planning via email. We sent Katrina some very basic ideas of what we would like and she took those and made the most beautiful ceremony EVER!!! Our guests just went on and on about how perfect the ceremony was. She made us laugh and calmed our nerves. I would encourage anyone to use her!!!” —Katy

From my trainer, Spike Gillespie of Custom Hitches Weddings:  “I love working with Katrina. From the start of her training she exhibited an incredible eye for detail. She has a natural gift for listening and really hearing a couple’s story, and for feeling the the love between them. She uses her tremendous sensitivity to create ceremonies that are original, heartfelt, and absolutely perfect for the couples with whom she works. I have so loved getting to know her and work with her. I’m really excited for the couples who will get the honor of having her perform their ceremonies.” —Spike (on 

“Katrina was such a joy to work with and her ceremony was absolutely heartfelt. She really integrated the couple’s history and their story into the ceremony and made it much more special to the bride and groom and their guests. I would recommend any of my clients to her as I know she would help make their ceremony so memorable.”—Lindsay from In Her Shoes Coordination  (on

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