Deeply meaningful can also be seriously funny!

laughing vows jpgrobotCreating a personalized, deeply meaningful ceremony isn’t all about super serious, heavy poetry.  It’s connecting to what is actually important to you.  For this couple, a huge part of their life together is gaming—everything from board games to Pinballz, this couple loves to play games together.  And let’s face it, there’s not a much better way to bond than to share laughter and good times!  They didn’t want to take every moment of their wedding too seriously—and they wanted to share the laughter.

How’d they do it?  Well, first of all when I approached the venue, the first thing I noticed was the groom and groomsmen all out flying remote helicopters.  This definitely helped keep the nerves at bay!  Their cakes were these amazing cartoon creations that defy description!  But my favorite:  their choice of ring bearer: a robot.  Yes, an actual remote control robot whirred its way down the aisle getting a real laugh from all the family and friends who know this couple’s love of games so well.  This was captured beautifully by Tank Goodness Photography.  You can also see the couple moving from serious to laughing again in the ceremony.laughing groom