Unique Guestbook Ideas

Looking for a unique way to greet your guests while creating a memorable keepsake of your special day?

Since I officiate the weddings of creative Austin couples, I sign some pretty interesting guestbooks.  Ideally, you start creating the tone of your wedding the minute your guests enter.  Both of theses ideas convey to yours guests that their presence is important and one you will value for years to come!

Here are two of my most recent favorites:

Wedding Guestbook IdeasFirst, have a wedding tree poster created with your names & wedding date.  Provide markers for your guests and then have them sign the leaves.  You’ll have a lovely, personal work of art that you can frame and hang on your wall.  Not only will it remind you of all the people who love you and shared the day with you, but it will also be fun for guests to find their name in your home.  ETSY features quite a few artistic, customized posters.  Zazzle also makes these posters in a variety of styles, colors, and motifs.

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Quilt Square Wedding GuestbookAnother great idea is having guests sign quilting squares.  You can have them sign the squares and then have them stitched into a quilt later or you can have the quilt made first and have them sign in on the quilt.  You can literally wrap yourself in the love of your family and friends!

My grandparents had a memory quilt like this made for the 50th wedding anniversary!  It’s never too late!

You can simply have guests sign their names, or you can ask guests to write a special message to you.  Either way, every time you look at the quilt, you will have a powerful reminder of all those who love you.

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