A Handmade Wedding Arch & A Father’s Love

Wedding Arch, Handmade by Bride's Father

Wedding Arch, Handmade by Bride’s Father

Whether you call it a canopy, an arch, or a chuppah, exchanging vows under a delicately curved and often flower be-decked doorway is iconic.  As the couple steps under the archway, they step into ceremonial space.  It is a symbolic threshold, a liminal space, a border—a couple steps into as two indivduals and emerge as one.

This past week, I had the opportunity to stand and officiate beneath one of the most beautiful arches I’ve ever seen. Handmade with great love by the bride’s father, this arch featured a 12-point star in contrasting woods.  The father thoughtfully added a small step so his daughter could easily step up onto the platform in her wedding finery.  And here’s the real key:  the deck and arch are easily portable & can be put up and taken down in minutes!

The story goes something like this:  after selecting the gorgeous Angel Springs Event Center, the bride wanted a bit of platform to stand on so they wouldn’t be directly on the grass.  The father measured the space & decided to go all out, not constructing a simple wooden platform but a true work of art.  The archway framed the field of bluebonnets that was directly behind us & the classic star added not only to the beauty but to the rustic, country feel.

Father & daughter standing on the arch he handmade for her wedding day!

Father & daughter standing on the arch he handmade for her wedding day!

The archway became a gift to the bride & groom and will now grace their backyard as a lasting memory of their wedding day—and of a father’s love.

This platform & arch was so lovely and so perfect for a Texas wedding, I had to ask the father of the bride if he’d ever considered making these professionally.   Not everyone has the time or tools to make such an amazing bower but wouldn’t this make a fantastic gift?  It was also make an amazing feature for any venue to invest in.

To my delight, he said he would!  If you are interested in having a custom, handmade bower for your wedding, email me here & I will put you in contact with this very talented man.  You will then have not only the perfect archway for your wedding day, but a lasting memory that can live in your yard for years to come.