Austin Wedding Officiant Katrina Baecht

Katrina Baecht, Wedding Celebrant by Olivia Vale, Photographer

“Katrina worked so diligently to find what was meaningful to us, what marriage really meant to us, and she was able to translate into the perfect words what was in our hearts.”  –Stefanie & Levi

Tie the knot with a ceremony as unique and love-filled as your relationship! I will tell your story and help you find the just-right words to describe what love and marriage mean to you.  Your ceremony will be personal, thoughtful, and celebrate your deep love for each other.

I craft and perform wedding & commitment ceremonies for couples who tell me they are  “not-religious-at-all” to “lightly religious or spiritual” to “inter-faith-complicated.”  Let me help make it simple:  I’m not interested in preaching!  Your wedding day is about your love—I’m delighted to help you figure out the best way to share that with your friends and family in a way that will leave them talking.

Everyone wants a beautiful, memorable wedding, and ultimately, the words you speak to one another are the most powerful part of the day.  As a celebrant and writing and literature teacher, I believe deeply in the power of words.  The words you speak to join your lives form the heart of the ceremony.  Your involvement in the creation of the wedding ceremony will help you connect more deeply to the experience.

Your ceremony should be about you and your beliefs—whatever they are. As the wedding officiant, I’m there to perform your ceremony, not dictate your choices. My commitment is to you as a couple and I will help you express yourself with beauty and confidence. All of my ceremonies are personalized from the very traditional to the totally non-traditional.  I will tell your story and help you connect to traditions you love or create something entirely unique.

Whether you want a quick “I-Do” for just the two of you, or you’ve been saving poetry under your pillow for years planning for a big celebration, together we’ll create a ceremony perfect for you. You’ll be able to relax and focus on the moment, knowing in advance the words that will unite you.

As a wedding officiant, a significant part of my service is getting to know you as a couple.  I make the process easy and relaxed.  I listen to your story, your beliefs, and your desires and incorporate these elements into your wedding ceremony.  I officiate weddings all over the Austin Hill County, and I am excited to help you get started on your journey.

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